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A little background on me; I'm a retired IT professional now focusing on my art. I currently live in Ontario, Canada. 

The inspiration for my art stems from forty years of adventures in the great Canadian outdoors. Whether it has been fishing, hunting, bush camping, portaging or orienteering, I have been lucky to see and record everything I needed to begin painting my subjects in their natural environment. These adventures have provided me with opportunities to collect many reference photos. The composition phase of my oil painting process is where they get put to good use. Feel free to browse my website to see some of my favorite landscapes, seascapes and wildlife paintings. It is my great pleasure to paint scenes of the great Canadian outdoors. It is a perfect way to record my experiences and keep my mind actively creative.


My painting process has become very versatile over the years and has provided me with opportunities to take commissions for pet portraits. I am glad I invested the time in it. Now I am able to state I have painted as many pet portraits as I have outdoor scenes. My process has been applied successfully to a variety of other subjects as well. Art is a never ending gift.

Consider contacting me to create lasting images of your favorite pets, landscapes, vacation spot or something special to you. Oil paintings make great gifts for friends and family.

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