About Steve

I am a self taught artist creating fine art oil paintings out of Ontario, Canada. 

Some of my passions include oil painting, exploring the great outdoors of Ontario, flyfishing, camping, portaging, canoeing, martial arts and fitness. I'm a busy guy!


Ontario is 1.076 million square kilometers, has over 250,000 lakes and is comprised of 87% crown land providing a lifetime of adventure without ever having to leave the province. These adventures provide me with hundreds of opportunities to visit many forests, rivers and lakes.  This gives me ample opportunities to  photograph landscapeswildlife, birds and fish. These photos become the references for many of my paintings. Along the way I have met many new friends who contribute to my collection of references.


Over the years my painting process has evolved and provided me with many opportunities to expand my repertoire to include equine, portraits and pets.

Contact me to create lasting memories of your favorite photographs or send me details of the composition you would like me to paint for you.

Thanks for dropping by,