I am a self taught artist who has enjoyed the peaceful art of oil painting for decades. From the time I saw my mentor, Patricia Marie Carroll (nee Bearns), hang a painting of a beautiful seascape on our neighbor's wall I knew I would paint as well. Something about that composition provided me with an opportunity to feel as if I was actually gazing out of a grotto watching the ocean throw its weight up onto the rocks. I stared at that painting for a long time. It left me feeling as though the spray of the breaking waves was hitting my face. 


My mother's advice came in many different hues and tones but they all painted the same message. Something to the effect of 'dig deep and challenge yourself to always improve and always embrace opportunities to learn as much as you can during your life adventure'. These are words I have lived by for my entire adventure. She reminded me that wherever my art was displayed it would always represent a little part of me. I'd like to think it represents a little part of her as well. 

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